Darcole Products offers a highly advanced touch screen method (programmed in-house) of admixture injection for our higher volume setup customers as well. This advanced DarCole Batch Controller will automatically load water and admixtures together by directly injecting into the water supply manifold while loading batch water.  DarCole also offers a variation of this Batch Controller for clients that prefer utilizing admix tanks using separate hose reels for each product that also has the capability to add necessary dilution water into the admix tanks by pre-programming the recommended dilution ratio.

For volumetric applications, you simply type in the amount of water needed to fill your tank, and the batch controller automatically figures and dispenses the admixtures needed. You simply choose your preloaded recipe (mix design), input the amount of water desired, and the controller knows the dosage rates of each admixture for the recipe that you have loaded. For ready mix applications, the batch controller calculates the amount of admixture needed based on total cementious materials. Each recipe can be edited to fit your needs. Every recipe has the total aggregate weights listed. Simply scroll to the desire recipe (mix design), input the amount of yards for the batch (rounded to the nearest tenth i.e. 8.2 yards), input the desired water/cement ratio, input the moisture content of the materials, and the batch controller will automatically dose the admixtures needed for that batch, and the amount of water required.

We also furnish will furnish dispenser tank systems to automated batch plants where required.