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First of Its Kind

We take pride in being the first admixture company solely developed for the Mobile (Volumetric/On-site) Mix Industry.

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Offering a full line of admixtures for concrete – from plasticizers, water reducers, and air entrainment, to accelerators and retarders.

Advanced Technology

DarCole Products offers a highly advanced touch screen method (programmed in-house) of admixture injection for our higher volume setup customers as well. 

Technical Support

Comprehensive technical support and expertise in various mix designs to cater to the needs of our valued customers. Our team has extensive knowledge and proficiency in a wide range of mix design solutions.

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DarCole Products, Inc. was founded in 1984 and officially incorporated in 1986, taking inspiration from the names of Billy D. Frields’ two children, Darin and Nicole Frields. We are proud to be the first admixture company exclusively dedicated to serving the Mobile (Volumetric/On-site) Mix Industry.

At DarCole Products, we believe in building strong one-on-one relationships with our customers. We go the extra mile to demonstrate how our admixtures can enhance the quality of their final products and help them save costs. Our commitment to our customers extends to providing continuous technical support.

Our top priorities are manufacturing and distributing admixtures that are both user-friendly and environmentally friendly.

All Admixtures

All products currently offered by DarCole for a broad range of  applications.


Speed up the setting and hardening process of your concrete.

Air Detrainment

Reduces the amount of excessive entrained air in plastic concrete through its defoaming agent.

Air Entrainment

Improve the durability and workability of your concrete.

CLSM/Flowable Fill

Controlled low strength material requires less water content while improving flowability.

High Range Water Reducer

A faster setting high-range water reducing admixture using new & superior technology.

Mid Range Water Reducer

Actively enhances the quality of concrete by reducing water-cement ratios.


non-chloride, midrange water-reducing, retarding admixture for concrete.


Offers fast and efficient application, excellent bonding, and versatility.

Specialty Admixtures

Corrosion & alkaline reactivity prevention, integral water proofer, and defoamer.

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Since 1984

DarCole offers a full line of admixtures from plasticizers, water reducers, and air entrainment, to accelerators retarders. We also offer specialized admixtures such as self-consolidating concrete (SCC), shotcrete, and flowable fill (CLSM). Products are available to ship in pails (5 gallon), drums, (55 gallon), or totes (275) gallon. We also offer larger volume, on-site setups in bulk tanks.

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