DarCole Product’s shotcrete admixture reduces water-cement ratios, enhances bonding characteristics, and significantly improves the placement and finishing of walls. By incorporating this advanced admixture into shotcrete applications, construction professionals can achieve superior results by optimizing the cement-to-water ratio. This reduction in water-cement ratios not only enhances the overall strength and durability of the shotcrete but also minimizes shrinkage, cracking, and long-term deterioration risks. The DarCole shotcrete admixture promotes exceptional bonding properties, ensuring a secure and robust connection between the shotcrete and the substrate. This leads to enhanced structural integrity and longevity of the walls.

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DSC 412 Shotcrete


DarCole Shotcrete 412 is a mid range water reducing, accelerating admixture for concrete. DSC 412 has various uses for all types of mixers because of its rapid integrating characteristics and the ability to be used ready mix or in on board    admix tank systems.  DSC 412 decreases water-cement ratios while increasing the quality of the cement, and aids in bonding the mix to steel/reinforcements.  DSC 412 allows for faster erection of the walls, improved cut time, and performs efficiently in common walls, corners, and inverted areas.


  • Increases bonding, flexural and compressive strength
  • Provides easier workability, placement, and  finishing of concrete
  • Enhances air entrainment by up to 2%
  • Stabilizes volume, and accelerates finish time
  • Allows for faster erection of walls and improved cut times
  • Enhances color in colored concrete


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