DarCole Product’s high range water reducer utilizes cutting-edge polycarboxylate technology to substantially enhance the flow of concrete mixtures while simultaneously reducing the water content, ultimately leading to remarkable increases in both early and ultimate strengths of the mix. By incorporating this advanced water reducer into concrete production, construction professionals can achieve superior flowability, allowing for easier placement, consolidation, and finishing of the concrete. This significant reduction in water content not only enhances the overall strength and durability of the concrete but also mitigates the risk of shrinkage, cracking, and long-term deterioration.

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DSF 1443 Water Reducer


DarCole Superflow 1443 is a fast setting high range water reducing admixture for concrete utilizing superior polycarboxylate technology.  DSF 1443 is designed to aid in the placing and finishing of highly flowable concrete.  DSF 1443 can also be utilized as a multi range water reducer based on dosage rate.


  • Increases bonding, flexural and compressive strengths
  • Reduces water content necessary for a given workability by 12-40%
  • Reduces bug holes
  • Lowers water/cement ratios
  • Improves high early and ultimate strengths
  • Reduces bug holes, segregation, surface bleeding, shrinkage, and cracking
  • Increases durability against freeze/thaw cycles
  • Ideal for use in precast and self consolidating concrete applications
  • Addition of viscosity modifying admixture not required for self consolidating concrete
  • Can be used as a mid range water reducer at a low dosage rate
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