Air Detrainment

DarCole Products revolutionizes the concrete industry by significantly reducing excessive and unwanted entrained air in plastic concrete through the implementation of their cutting-edge defoaming agent, which effectively enhances the overall quality and performance of concrete mixtures. The defoaming agent provided by DarCole acts as a powerful tool in combating entrained air. It works by destabilizing and breaking down the air bubbles trapped within the plastic concrete. By reducing the presence of these air voids, the defoaming agent ensures that the concrete achieves a denser and more compact structure. This leads to improved strength and durability properties, making the resulting structures more resilient and long-lasting.

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DDF Air Detrainment


DarCole De-Foamer is an aqueous solution designed to help control the air content in plastic concrete.  DDF can descrease the air entrainment/entrapment caused by some cements, super plasticizers, or other admixtures.  DDF can be used in cement slurries, grouts, concrete, and mortars.


  • Can increase unit weight of concrete
  • Counteracts entrained/entrapped air caused by other water reducers and super plasticizers
  • Can be added at the plant or on jobsites
  • Overdosing can make it difficult to introduce air back into the mix
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