Dispensing Equipment

DarCole Products offers a highly advanced touch screen method (programmed in-house) for admixture injection to our higher volume setup customers. Our advanced Batch Controller performs the task of automatically loading water and admixtures together by directly injecting into the water supply manifold while loading batch water. DarCole provides a variation of this Batch Controller for clients who prefer utilizing admix tanks. This variation includes separate hose reels for each product and the capability to add necessary dilution water into the admix tanks by pre-programming the recommended dilution ratio.

To facilitate volumetric applications, users simply need to input the desired amount of water to fill their tank. The batch controller then automatically calculates and dispenses the required admixtures. By selecting a preloaded recipe (mix design) and inputting the desired amount of water, the controller accurately determines the dosage rates for each admixture specific to the loaded recipe. In the case of ready mix applications, the batch controller calculates the necessary amount of admixture based on the total cementitious materials. Each recipe can be customized to meet individual requirements, with all aggregate weights provided. Users can easily scroll to their desired recipe (mix design), input the batch size in yards (rounded to the nearest tenth, e.g., 8.2 yards), specify the desired water/cement ratio, and provide the moisture content of the materials. The batch controller will then automatically dose the required admixtures for the batch and determine the appropriate amount of water.

Additionally, we offer dispenser tank systems for automated batch plants as needed.

Mix Designs

DarCole Products provides tech support for mix designs to all of our customers. We possess extensive knowledge of various types of mix designs.

To enhance the operation and yield of their trucks in conjunction with our mix design capabilities, purchasing customers have the option to submit their own truck calibration data to our tech department. This service offers the advantage of ensuring proper truck functioning. Once a unit calibration is received, we enter the material weights corresponding to each gate setting into our in-house computer software. Subsequently, customers can contact our office to request a specific mix design, such as a flatwork mix, pump mix, shotcrete, and more. With the provided information, we can guide the customer on appropriate gate settings, cement quantity per yard, and other relevant details.

We also encourage customers to submit their material gradation sheets to further optimize their concrete mixes, tailoring them to their specific requirements.

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