CLSM/Flowable Fill

DarCole Product’s flowable fill admixture enhances the flow characteristics of concrete without the need for excessive water addition, ensuring optimal workability and eliminating the issue of segregation. By incorporating this advanced admixture into concrete mixtures, construction professionals can achieve a remarkable improvement in the flowability of the material, allowing for easy placement and compaction in various applications. This innovative solution not only enhances the overall performance and workability of the concrete but also eliminates the risk of material segregation, resulting in a consistently homogeneous mixture. With the DarCole flowable fill admixture, construction projects can benefit from increased productivity, improved quality, and enhanced long-term durability of concrete structures.

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DarNfill 842 is a water reducing admixture designed for use in flowable fill mixes known as controlled low strength material (CLSM) making highly flowable, and easily excavatable concrete.  DNF 842 stabilizes air content, and eliminates bleedwater & shrinkage; while maintaining suspension of cement throughout the highly flowable mix.  DNF 842 also enhances the plastic and hardened properties of CLSM.


  • Increases flow ability, fills voids, and lowers water content
  • Generates stable air content up to 35%
  • Eliminates segregation, surface bleed, and shrinkage
  • Reduces water content up to 40%
  • Increases yield up to 20%
  • Easily excavatable
  • Enhances color in colored concrete
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